About Me

*DSC_9245A note from the Creature Creator,

Art, for me, is like sleep. It has become an absolute necessity. It is part of my day-to-day life. I find inspiration in everything. Walking through my city’s streets, the characters I pass populate my mind in unsuspecting ways. A grouchy passing woman will morph and twist, her features changing to personify her emotions. A smile from a stranger may be so perfect that I reuse it in many sketches. I am the most inspired by the emotions of the people around me. With a ballpoint pen (my weapon of choice) I can express the uniqueness that makes life interesting. .

As a busy student, most of the art I create lives in my sketchbook. Here, everything I draw is accepted as is, with no expectations for my final creation. This is the best way to create. I bring my sketchbook everywhere, should inspiration or boredom randomly hit.

I have an overly independent right brain. If it is not awake and running, neither is the left half. Without my sketchbook, calculus would have been incomprehensible. However, I have come to love this quirk. Each day, I come close to completing a single scene. When I first began to use a sketchbook, a page would take me only a few hours to complete. Now, in my search for depth, filling a page has become a larger endeavor. My sketchbook is a window into my mind. The images I create are distorted allusions to the emotions and interaction I have experienced. This website allows me to share my art and perspective. Maybe you were an inspiration.



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